New Server (Scheduled)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - N73-Server
  • RE: NS73 Server. Please read this email in its entirety before opening a ticket as the answers to your questions may be in this email

    ==Note: If you have already been contacted about a migration outside of this email, please disregard this email and continue on with the migration you are going through already ==


    We will be decommissioning the NS73 server you are currently on and moving everyone to a newer server that is in line with our newer series of servers on Sunday July 31 @ 10pm eastern standard time. Once the migration is complete, you will be notified. 

    Important notes regarding this migration:

    1) If you are currently using the nameservers, you will not have to do anything on your end. Specifically, if you are on the Entry or Professional plans you will most likely be using our nameservers and nothing is required on your end

    2) If you are using custom nameservers (You have a resellers plan with us) or are using CloudFlare, you will need to update the IP address. The new servers IP address will be:

    3) Once the migration is complete, which should be early morning Monday, all accounts on the old server will be disabled. If your website is not loading or shows as disabled, please update your nameservers IP to the aforementioned one and your sites will begin to load. Again, if you are on an entry or professional plan, this will not apply to you and nothing will be required on your end in almost all cases. 

    4) Your pricing will not change. Your plan will not change. Your billing cycle will not change. Nothing pertaining to your account will change. This is simply us at Webhostpython continuing to make sure that all customers are always ahead of the curve and using the latest hardware we have to offer. Older hardware is periodically decommissioned as they are deemed old, outdated, or faulty. In this case, the hardware is old and needs to be replaced.


    Thank you,

    RJ Harris

  • Date - 07/29/2022 03:34 - 08/01/2022 00:00
  • Last Updated - 07/29/2022 03:35

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